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Friday, August 23, 2013

Saving the Day

Max is off with my parents and Paul is touring in the upper Midwest  so what do I do while I am home with all of this alone time?
I paint the front porch of course!

I have been looking for  a good paint to use on my porch so that I am not repainting every 2 years.  I mean, we do live in Wisconsin after all and the weather and wear and tear are pretty hardcore.  So I have been seeing ads for this Rustoleum product called Restore.  It is suppose to cover concrete or wood with a thick, textured paint that stands up to crazy traffic and wear.  So I thought what the heck.  Lets give it a try and see what happens.

I had the paint tinted to a Navajo Red and then it was time to get going on the hard part. This stuff was like painting with pudding but the coverage was pretty intense and the porch looks great on the side that I have done so far.  The before and after is fairly impressive and that is with just one of the two coats applied.

Here is the almost final product.  I will add the other coat and the give it a nice brush finish.  I would say that this Rustoleum product is an amazing alternative if you have a sturdy porch that needs more than just a simple coat of paint.  I know that I was sick of trying to get all the decades of crud off the surface so that I could get a really nice painted finish.  Yea!

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