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Friday, August 16, 2013

Facile Friday - My Boy, Oh Boy!

My son is quite the specimen of the male child.  He is rough and tumble, athletic, book smart, goofey, and a well versed pain in the butt.

I enjoy him completely in each and every aspect of who he is.  (Even when he is a pain in the butt)  Sometimes I feel like I am documenting wildlife and get lucky to catch a glimpse of some rare form of Max that has never been seen before.

I think that this little incarnation of a Mexican luchadore is one that I will see more than I might desire, but it is nothing if it isn't entertaining.

There is also the recently uncovered baseball player.  Here is the first time we saw this rare creature.  It has a great deal of heart and a desire to do well.  These characteristics have taken him from this...

to this, in nothing more than a summer.

Did I mention that if you are quiet, you might find him producing his native works of art?  Look out Andy Warhol!

And I can't leave out the karate.  A martial artist never brags about their skills, so he has been very quiet regarding his karate talent.  Occasionally he will venture out into the light of day and put on display, the forms that he has been honing. He has gone from this little guy...

To this slightly bigger guy

To this much bigger guy and his martial arts focus has remained constant.

It is amazing how they grow and change and I am realizing that I am just along for the ride!  I think this is the point in the ride where you put your hands up in the air and smile through your screams of terror.

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Keala said...

Well Said Friend! We are along for the Ride. That's the Journey Indeed is to not Miss a Minute of it for if we do, Poof, before we know it they are grown up and on their own! Enjoy!

Don't Make Me Call My Flying Monkeys! said...

Thanks Keala for the words of wisdom from one who knows.

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