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Friday, May 17, 2013

Facile Friday - Unpredicted rain showers

Picture this....
You're sitting in a restaurant having just enjoyed a slice of pie, grandparents, uncle, mom and you, an 8 year old boy.  You are sipping on your hot chocolate while the adults chat but you are a bit antzy and goofy from a long day, so everything seems to be really funny. What comes next is found on movie screens around the world.

Max performed one of the finest spit takes I have ever seen, unfortunatly he did it across a table, with hot chocolate, in a restaurant and the receivers were his mother and grandfather.  I have some satisfaction from the impromtu wetting, I got to see Max's face when he realized what he had done and who he had done it to.  That is good stuff right there!

In the aftermath of my soaking, I can look back and admire the volume, coverage and projectile quality of Max's first natural and unplanned spit take.  Funny is funny and I can't deny that the whole thing was really funny.

If I was to rate the spit take that happened that day, I think it would rate a 9 out of 10.  First, he had a nice BIG mouthful of hot chocolate.  Second, the force at which the liquid was launched was fairly impressive, I mean it vaulted across a fairly wide table.  Thirdly, the coverage was amazing.  He was able to cover my father and I in the seats opposite him with a 3.5 - 4 foot wide spray of chocolate.  That's my boy! 

I should probably give my brother Mike some credit for his knack of working the boy into such a frenzy that he can hardly control himself.  I can always count on you my brother!

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