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Friday, May 10, 2013

Facile Friday - 365 Days around the sun

The saying goes, "A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun.  Enjoy the trip."

It is that time again, the time when my 365 day journey resets and ......hmmmm, I am never quite sure how I should approach my birth anniversary.  I am not one who frets over the fact that I am older.  I actually welcome a bigger number on the back end of my age because the alternative is just...well.....dead.  I might get an Irish wake or a viking funeral but dead is definitely not as fun as 48.  I am not a ponderer, someone who sits quietly and revisits the last year to see if I used it wisely or squandered away the precious time I was given.  When I lived on my own I would go out with friends on the weekend before my birthday because Mother's Day always messed up the weekend after and in some cases the day of.  On the actual day of my birthday I would make myself a super yummy meal and eat it while watching a good movie by myself or with friends.  That was a great birthday!  A little partying, a good meal and some laid back quiet time.  My partying till I puke days are long, long gone.  Thank god!

So what do I do now that I am older and have a family and don't like barfing? 

First, I revisit my bucket list.  Really!  Every year I get to cross at least one or two things off and add a few more if I have a mind to do so.  This year I added going zorbing and attending a festival dedicated to
bacon and got to cross off making cheese, entering a food contest and being my own boss.  If you know me well you might be saying, "Monkey Queen!  You work for someone else!  How are you your own boss?"  Well, this is the great thing about a bucket list, if you do it right, you can alter and adapt what is on your list.  I said that I wanted to be my own boss and even though I am working full time for someone else, I DID get hired to create blogs for other people and have been subcontracted by a national organization to provide online workshop leadership.  I believe that I have become my own boss in one area and that means a big fat check mark on my bucket list!!  My bucket list is less about doing all of the things on it before I die (I may or may not ever own a llama) and more about making sure that if I ever get the opportunity to own a llama, I have ready access to the fact that I already thought about it and decided that I would like to experience owning a llama.  It is all about awareness and opportunity.  I even take things off my list before I have accomplished them if I decide that I have lost interest.  I love my bucket
list.  It has gotten long over the years and I enjoy reading it each year.

I also use my birthday and Mother's Day (this year only a day apart) to sleep later, lounge around more and have pretty flowers planted in the yard.  I totally enjoy my 8 year old's excitement and inability to keep a secret about what my gift will be.  I also enjoy playing along like I have NO CLUE WHAT-SO-EVER!

So this year, I still won't dye the grey out of my hair, I will struggle with wrinkles and sagging of my skin, I'll wish I was thinner and had more energy and I'll count the 365 days till the journey begins again.

Happy Birthday to you whenever it may be!  Oh yea, happy birthday to me too!

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Joanne T Ferguson said...

G'day! Happy Birthday! WHOO HOO!
I'll be celebrating my birthdays, celebrating life til 102!
LOVE your Bucket List, zorbing sounds like fun!
Enjoy reading your blog, your life philosophy as it sounds like you too KNOW how to have fun!
What's On The List

Don't Make Me Call My Flying Monkeys! said...

Happy Birthday to you too Joanne! Thanks for the birthday wishes and the kind comment. So glad that you enjoy the blog. Zorbing does sound like a blast doesn't it!

G'Day! (does that sound funny with my American accent?)

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