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Friday, March 1, 2013

Facile Friday - Truth or Consequences

Sometimes the most important lessons come out of very small moments.

My son, like so many other kids, loves anything sweet.  Cookies, candy, cake and pastries are things that can satisfy his sweet tooth BUT he is an 8 year old and that means that the boundaries of the world and his life are there to be tested.  When you are 8 years old there is often a vast chasm between what you are told, what you understand and what you practice.  Or is there?

After going to bed the other night, Max came down stairs just to tell me a little something...

"Hey mom?"
"What are you doing out of bed?
"I have something to tell you, just real quick."
"Mom..." he pulled a small shiny trinket from behind his back.  "I snuck this and a few others but I only ate a couple of them."
Max held a small peppermint kiss that he had gotten at a birthday party a couple of weeks ago.  "Well, thank you for coming clean."
"Are you mad?  Am I in trouble?"
"If you put back all the candy you have left and promise not to take any unless you ask first, I can't be mad because you told me the truth."
"Really?"  "I guess I am a really good sneaker, huh?"

You can see that even though he came clean about the candy that he took, there is still the mystic allure of snowing your parents.  Getting one over on the adults that appear to be almost omnipresent can be pretty intoxicating.  I know it was for me.

"I have to be able to trust you or some of the independence you have now might suddenly disappear.  Get it?"
"I'm sorry mom.  I will try not to take candy anymore...unless I ask."  "Ummm, If I gave Roger (the dog) a little piece of chocolate because I forgot that they can't eat chocolate, will he get sick?"

Max's little face looked so worried that he might have made the dog sick.  Isn't that just like a boy and his dog?
"I think he will probably be fine.  Don't worry about it but don't give him any more."

Kids are interesting little humans.  They spend so much of their time trying desperately to be adults, but alas they have to get there by traveling the long road of childhood and adolescence, experiencing all of the ups and downs that life has to dole out.  Looking back, I can say that the road I had to travel was well worth the arduous journey.  I had lots of hard lessons and those lessons set me up for some of my future epic successes.

Yes my son, you are a good kid who enjoys life and as of the other day, has taken another step on the long road to being a wonderful man who hopefully won't feel the need to steal candy and hide it in obscure places in his own house.

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