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Friday, February 1, 2013

Facile Friday - The Afternoon Edition

I only have one word for this cold Friday in February.


Is that a word?  Well, it is now.  This word or guttoral utterance really seems to gather up the last week and tie it in a nice neat bow.  It wasn't really a bad week, though I almost died of nasal congestion, and it wasn't really a good week, though I am having many successes.  It was an AHHHH! week.  That is an AHHH! said almost in a yell but louder than your speaking voice.  You must also add a little bit of a chuckle in the background, because a week like this is nothing if it isn't humorous.

Here is the Oreo Cookie version of my week (bad sandwiched between good)

Max and I watched Monty Python's Holy Grail and laughed hard
I suddenly was unable to use my nose for anything but decoration
I did not get a sinus infection
The mucus and viral invaders tried one last rush to win the battle but...
I won the battle
The cold/flu snuck up on me and almost killed me on Monday night
Max went to bed without much fuss
Max was still awake at 10pm because he was playing games under the covers
I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling pretty darn good
I had to go to work on Tuesday
I made pistachio nut brittle
I ate too much pistachio nut brittle
We went out to dinner with my parents on Wednesday
The restaurant we chose served a little bit of food with their salt
My blood pressure didn't go up too high after eating all of that salt
I ended my work day with a bit of a headache
Max did his homework without much issue
Max took a really long time to get and stay in bed
I got to start training to lead a workshop that sounds really interesting
I had to go to the dentist on Friday morning
My teeth are clean and I have no cavities
I had to go to work
I got to wear jeans and eat my daily ration of cheddar cheese goldfish.
I didn't like the lunch I had
I got to go home and it was Friday

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