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Friday, November 23, 2012

Facile Friday - Thanksgiving, That's a Wrap

Thanksgiving Day, we all patiently wait for it to come so that we can eat and visit and eat and sleep and visit and laugh and plop on the couch when it's all over and crash.
My family got together, as we always do, and had a great time.  I stood before a spread of food that would have put any good bat mitzva to shame and I tried everything.  Caprese salad, veggies, nuts, cheese, chicken liver pate, sausages... I am bloating just thinking about it and that was all BEFORE the turkey dinner!

 Another tradition that appears to be gaining momentum is the "family portrait".  I can't say truthfully that I am a fan of getting my picture taken but I certainly can go with the flow.  So we all gather in some spontaneous location around my parents home and my youngest brother orchestrates the whole ordeal...I mean, photo shoot.  It is quite the task, wrangling 14 people and a puppy to sit in a particular way and smile and look at the camera, but we can usually complete the task in a fairly short time with a pretty good result.

Jeff Foy Photography

A very nice photo, don't you think?  Well, we also have to let off steam and kinetic energy after being so good for so long.  There is always the "goofy" photo that follows the "serious" one.  Do you want to see it?  First, I want to show you some of the other photos that my brother took.

Jeff Foy Photography

I generally don't like any pictures of myself but this is not too bad.  I happen to really like one picture that my dad took of my brothers and I.

Can you tell that we are all related?  When we were young, people use to think that the brother in the middle and I were twins.  I wonder why?  In the spirit of a "photo session" there had to be one of Paul, Max and I.  I like this one too.

Jeff Foy Photography

OK, so when all is said and done Thanksgiving is about getting together and having the family experience, whatever that may be.  

Jeff Foy Photography

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