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Friday, November 16, 2012

Facile Friday - Of Mice and Men

Well, the weather is getting colder and that means just one thing...
The mice are getting into our 100 year old house again.  Mice sure are cute but I really hate them in my house.  Our house is really old, it was built in 1912, and is really more like a sieve of sorts.  When it comes to small rodents, our house is like those old Tom and Jerry cartoons where Jerry just seems to have the run of the house.  

Anyway, those freakin' rodents are coming to visit again and I just really want them to go away.  Do you think if I asked nicely they would go to someone else's house?  Yeah, I didn't think so either.  For the most part they make sure that they stay out of my sight but sometimes, I am thinking of one time in particular, they just get a little too bold.

I had a friend over at our home and we were sitting in my kitchen when, all of the sudden,  two adolescent mice came scampering out from behind the oven.  They were chasing each other and rolling around on the floor and, and....I yelled as I watched them boldly going where no mouse has gone before.  "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?"

SO now, as in years past, I will begin my mouse warfare.  I only have one criteria for the mice, I don't want to know that they are here.  They can run in the walls and scurry in the basement but stay off of my counters and keep to the back roads or I will have to take drastic measures.

Missing summer weather but maybe so are they.

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