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Friday, March 2, 2012

Facile Friday - Old Pictures

Something old...
I am one of those people that really enjoys going through old boxes that have been in the attic for years.  I love the smell of the yellowed newspaper and the dust that has gathered.  I love to unwrap each little package and seeing what is inside.

I recently was at my parents home when they were going through boxes and what a fun fest I had.  Lots of old photos were the biggest bounty that I walked away with.  Here are a few of the treasures we found.

This photo is from sometime the summer of 1965.  The little one is me, I am being held by my great grandmother (we called her Nana) and on the right is my mother (we called her mom) and the left is my grandmother (we called her Mosey).  Four generations!  How cool is that?

Merry Christmas, 1965!  A little bit of interesting information...that robe that my father is wearing is still in use and is in my closet!  They just don't make them like that anymore!

This is father Jim.  Actually this is MY father Jim before my devilish mother got a hold of him.  Way to rock a collar pops!

My dad went from the sublime to the ridiculous didn't he?  Here he is PDWI (post devilish woman influence) in the cockpit of a naval aircraft.  Who would have thunk that you could wear that much orange and still look cool.

Here is my mother looking fetching next to her funky car.  The car looks to me like a beige french man with a pencil thin mustache.  OK, now it is my turn....

Since I am feeling a bit risque I thought that I would expose myself a little.  This is my blog after all and the human body is a beautiful thing.

OK!  Enough nudity!  Cover up!

Much better.  Golly gosh I was a cutie, and to think that I survived those gigantic diaper pins with the duckie heads on them.  Crap those things are huge!  Do they still make the bathroom carpet that goes on top of your toilet tank?  I may have to get one if they do.

Here I am again but now I am about 3 years old and certainly not modest.  I was totally able to carry off that long page boy haircut although I look a boy with long hair don't I?

Finally, another one of my dad.  I found this one and think it is just the most 1970's photo there is.  He kind of looks like Mr. Brady.

Love the tie daddy-o!

Enough with memory lane for now.  Thanks for allowing me to share my old timey photos with you.  I hope that you enjoyed them.

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1 comment: said...

I love going through old photos when I visit my parents. Even though I know most of the stories behind the photos every now and then a new tidbit gets shared with me. It really gives more depth and context to what I am looking at.

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